Life In Recovery: Al-Anon Meetings in Long Island

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These Long Island Al-Anon Meetings Provide Valuable Support for Families of Addicts

Many people don’t understand the fact that addiction is a disease. One of the confounding parts of this disease is that it’s something that impacts every member of the family. Family can go for years getting pulled into the stress and chaos often associated with alcohol addiction. Every family member may feel a multitude of emotions, including anxiety, anger, and sadness. Regardless of whether your loved one has taken the steps toward overcoming their addiction or they are still caught up in the cycle of addiction when a family member makes the conscious decision to attend an Al-Anon meeting, they are taking the first step toward reclaiming their own sense of peace.

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How Al-Anon Helps Recovering Addicts Stay Sober

The benefits associated with attending an Al-Anon meeting speak for themselves. Whether you’re a family member of a person suffering from addiction or you’re struggling with addiction yourself, you will undoubtedly notice the following advantages:

1. A support system

Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that they are alone in how they feel when it comes to topics of addiction and recovery. When you come to an Al-Anon meeting, you will come to find that you are not alone. Instead, countless people likely feel the same way you do regarding these critical topics.

2. Improved communication skills

Do you feel as though you’re struggling to communicate with your loved ones regarding addiction? Are you looking for a better explanation when it comes to the concept of the fact that addiction is a disease? Al-Anon can help fill in the blanks to find a better way to speak with your friends and loved ones regarding this topic.

3. Break the cycle of co-dependency

Some family members and friends get so caught up in the addictive qualities of the person that they love that they don’t realize that they are actually feeding that person’s addiction. When you attend Al-Anon meetings, you will learn more about the concept of co-dependency and how you can take steps toward living a healthier life and regain your own sense of sanity.

Find Al-Anon Meetings in Long Island

Many people mistakenly believe that it’s challenging to find Al-Anon meetings in Long Island. The reality is, however, that there is an abundance of meetings throughout the area. If you’re searching for your home meeting, here are a few suggestions that you should consider, but keep in mind that we always recommend that you try going to different meetings so you can find one that makes you feel comfortable.

Ronkonkoma Thursday AM AFG

The Ronkonkoma Thursday AM AFG meeting takes place every Thursday at 10 am. This meeting takes place in the St. Joseph’s Church rectory, so there is always ample parking. One of the great features of this meeting is the fact that it also offers childcare, so feel free to bring your little one with you. This is an open meeting which means that friends or family members can attend as well as any person who is generally interested in the premise of Al-Anon.

45 Church St, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Recover and Grow AFG

The Recover and Grow AFG group was specifically designed for people that are new to the concept of Al-Anon. These beginner meetings are specific to friends and family members with a loved one who has struggled with addiction. The meeting takes place every Wednesday at 7 pm at the Thrive Recovery Center.

1324 Motor Pkwy, Hauppauge, NY 11749

Listen and Learn Adult Children AFG

Unfortunately, children are often negatively impacted by the decisions of their parents when they consume alcohol. If you find that you’re an adult child of an alcoholic and struggling with the concept of addiction, the Listen and Learn Adult Children AFG group is the best group for you. You will be able to make connections with other people that have had similar experiences and begin to heal from the effects of addiction. This group meets every Thursday at the New Life Community Church at 8 pm.

380 Lakeland Ave, Sayville, NY 11782

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