What Is Hypnotherapy?

When a clinically trained hypnotherapist guides a patient into a state of deep relaxation, the effects on the unconscious mind and the ability to become more self-aware can lead to remarkably positive results. Hypnotherapy is a clinically established form of guided hypnosis that helps people with a history of substance use disorder and traumatic experiences to heal. This therapeutic tool allows you to enter a semi-conscious state while under the guidance of a clinical hypnotherapist. At Legacy Healing Center, members of our staff are certified in the Krasner Hypnotherapy Method, a form of therapy that’s widely accepted within the medical community.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

During a hypnotherapy session, you’ll become much more self-aware and tuned in to your inner psyche. Your clinician will be able to guide you into a deeply relaxed state during which you’ll be open to positive suggestions and focused on your inner experiences, bringing to light your thoughts, emotions, and memories, with a sense of deep relaxation. Due to the relaxed and suggestive aspects of hypnotherapy, you’ll be more likely to recall any repressed trauma and other memories that you’d previously been blocking from your consciousness.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy in Addiction Treatment

Hypnotherapy places you in a temporary state of deep relaxation, during which time you are highly receptive to helpful, healing suggestions from your therapist. As you are able to access long-suppressed memories, perhaps of past traumas, you can often begin to view your addiction from a completely different perspective. Your openness during hypnotherapy can help you gain better control over your addictive behaviors. Hypnotherapy also assists in relieving stress and anxiety concerning your ability to cope without using drugs or alcohol.