Travis Benfaida

Mr. Benfaida is a Florida Board Certified Recovery Support Specialist serving as the Program Director at Legacy Healing Center of Margate while completing his BSW at Florida International University, with aspirations of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Travis’ passion and desire to fight the disease of addiction originated in 2012, when he was introduced to recovery through the South Florida model of treatment for a five-year opioid addiction, stemming from a torn anterior cruciate ligament injury sustained while playing college basketball at The University of Central Florida. Through the grace of God, Alcoholics Anonymous and his personal determination, perseverance and work ethic, Travis will be celebrating five years sober in April of 2017. Having transformed his life from a state of darkness and depression into one full of gratitude and enthusiasm for any, and all opportunities, Travis’ experience, compassion and leadership allow for him to create a successful work environment for himself, staff, clients and their families.