Marc Effron

Mr. Marc Effron, Founder of Legacy Healing Center is a seasoned financial services professional who spent more than 20 years in annuity and mutual funds sales, training and consulting.  He is a renowned motivational speaker and enjoys coaching his sons’ athletic teams, and making an impact in his local community.  Mr. Effron, a person who has been affected thru family and friends by the disease of addiction, felt compelled to improve the quality of care, treatment and service in the South Florida behavioral health space.  After the birth of his second son he became overwhelmed to act, he thought, “GOD forbid either of my sons needed help, I would not be comfortable sending them to most rehabs in South Florida, as they wouldn’t meet my personal standard.”  After numerous accomplishments in the financial field, Mr. Effron, chose to follow his dream.  He created a professional behavioral health organization prided on fostering an environment of ladies and gentlemen leading ladies and gentlemen into recovery.

Mr. Effron often states, “I want to create a behavioral health company that I would feel confident sending my own children to.  Which is why Legacy Healing Center, needs to operate at the highest standard.  My vision is to fundamentally operate ethically while providing premier quality of care.”

Legacy Healing Center offers a holistic approach to healing through psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, exercise and nutrition.  It’s a program that offers an opioid alternative to chronic pain management in the form of physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy.  Mr. Effron also believes in annual recovery check-ups and uses recovery/sober coaches to help with re-integration into society.  Mr. Effron is responsible for the daily operations of Legacy Healing Center and reports directly to the clients he serves.