Cody Perez


Mr. Perez is a Florida Board Certified Recovery Support Specialist serving as our Director of Case Management. Cody’s drive and passion to helping others can be attributed to living through and surviving a disease, we strive to overcome; Addiction. “I tried several times to get clean and sober, but nothing ever worked until I found God and surrendered to this process. I believe everybody has a chance to become successful and nobody should be left behind.” Having been an addict for nearly 10 years, Mr. Perez was no stranger to the recovery program, but in April 2011 something changed. He accepted God was in control leading him down the path he needed to take but it was up to Cody to take the right path when he came to that inevitable fork in the road. April 2011 was the last time he walked into recovery needing help to get clean. Now his fight is to help others find that path and lead them to success the way he was lead, with support and God on his side. It is through this strength, courage, and passion that Cody is enrolled in school to become a Certified Addiction Counselor and become a Nationally Certified Recovery Support Specialist. No one said the fight would be easy, but it is possible.