Drug Detox Program

Drug Addiction Detox

Admitting that you need help with substance abuse detox is difficult. That’s why taking this first step is crucial to recovering from drug addiction. If you’re going to a drug addiction detox program, you may not know what happens when you first arrive. Many people believe the myths about drug addiction withdrawal and end up not seeking out help. That’s why we will discuss the entire substance abuse detox process, as well as what will happen after you leave our facility.

What Is A Drug Addiction Detox Program?

When you undergo a drug detoxification program, you’re taking the first step in a comprehensive program that will give you all the tools that you will need for recovery. By doing a detox program, you can prevent much of the unpleasant effects that can come from the cessation of drug use. Drug detoxification can help you become abstinent from drugs.

During the detox process, we aim to start the physiological healing program after drug addiction. First, we do this through stabilization. Then you will go through detoxification. After we finish the stabilization part, the detox process will shift to the support and monitoring of your body as it gets rid of the drugs. At this time, we will also manage the unpleasant symptoms of drug withdrawal.

Drug addiction withdrawal does not comprise the entirety of rehabilitation. Addiction acts as both a psychological and physical disease; you will also undergo psychotherapeutic treatment to address your particular cravings that result from your addiction. While detoxing by itself might keep you from abusing drugs in the short term, you could relapse if you don’t do any therapy or follow up care.

What Can I Expect From Detox?

What most people call detox is the cleansing of the body of all illegal substances. If you don’t receive medical assistance during the withdrawal process, rehab will become extremely difficult and unpleasant. Under certain circumstances, trying to withdraw from drugs without medical supervision could be extremely dangerous.

Dealing with withdrawal symptoms can be challenging and present obstacles. Even if you want to stop using drugs, you may continue to do so because you want to avoid the symptoms of what is known as “abstinence syndrome”. If you go to the right detox program, the medical and psychiatric staff will make sure that you go through the drug withdrawal process as comfortable and safe as you possibly can. If you go to a good program, you won’t need to go through the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms by yourself and deal with the failure that will inevitably come with self-withdrawal.

Detox Program Aftercare

Once you finish drug detox, you might think all of your problems are over. While seeking help for your drug addiction is an incredible victory, it’s not the end of the road. It’s after the detox process that the real treatment begins. That’s why most people who undergo drug detox will have to do some aftercare.

Experts define aftercare as any recovery program that follows the drug detoxification process. Aftercare usually happens after you get released from your drug rehabilitation program. You could get aftercare supports in the form of counseling, support groups such as 12-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and follow-up meetings with the staff at the rehab center. Aftercare could also consist of outpatient therapy. It may also consist of the teaching of new coping strategies.

If you get some aftercare after you complete your drug rehabilitation program, you become less likely to relapse. The right type of aftercare can keep you motivated and give you support when things get hard. When you go through rehab at a treatment facility, you will get a lot of knowledge and skills. However, you will have to do most of your learning in the course of living your life. Being in recovery, you will get faced with brand new problems. At this time, you will get forced to find new solutions to these issues. By doing this, you’ll build up an arsenal of coping strategies that you can use time and time again.