Nicknames and Street Names For Cocaine

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Cocaine is a drug, most often bought and used illicitly though it is sometimes used as an anesthetic in surgery, that has been used for centuries for its stimulant properties. This drug has a number of street names that are used to describe it in the context of illegal drug use. Our rehabilitation center wants to make sure that you are aware of street names for cocaine.

Cocaine is used just as often as other illegal drugs, and using it can turn into an addiction just as easily. In fact, many use cocaine as a way to stay awake. More energy means more partying. Others use it to enhance the effects of other substances. Whether it is smoked, snorted, or injected, and whether used in combination with other substances or alone, you might hear various street names for crack cocaine in the real world. 

Cocaine Street Names

Some commons street names for cocaine include:

  • Coke – This is one of the most common and well-known street names for cocaine and is often used interchangeably with the term cocaine.
  • Blow – The term blow is used to describe both cocaine and the act of snorting it. Some believe this term originated due to the drug’s powdery texture. 
  • Snow – This name is often used to describe the white, powdery appearance of cocaine and is thought to have originated from the drug’s association with winter sports like skiing.
  • White – Used to describe the color of cocaine, the term white is often used to refer to high-quality, pure forms of the drug.
  • Yayo – Thought to have originated in the 1980s hip-hop scene, yayo is a term used to describe both cocaine and the lifestyle associated with it. 
  • Nose Candy – Often used to describe the addictive nature of cocaine, some think the name nose candy may have originated from the drug’s popularity among partygoers and socialites. 
  • Rock – A name used to describe crack cocaine, rock is a form of cocaine that has been processed into a crystalline form and can be smoked.
  • Base – Also used to describe crack cocaine, the name base is thought to have originated from the drug’s production process. This involves “basing out” the cocaine powder to create a solid, smokable form. 
  • Lady – Often used to describe cocaine when it is being sold to women, the term lady might have originated from the drug’s association with glamour and luxury. 

Cocaine Addiction and Treatment at Legacy Healing Center

If you’ve found yourself or a loved one searching for crack cocaine street names, you or they might be struggling with cocaine addiction. Our rehabilitation center offers a cocaine addiction treatment program focused on those needing help to overcome their addiction. Rehab does work if the person is ready for treatment, with many successfully and permanently staying sober. 

Now that you can answer, “What are street names for cocaine?” you can more easily become aware if you or a loved one needs help. Legacy Healing Center is dedicated to providing the best care, which has been personalized to your needs to achieve long-term recovery. Our beautiful facilities are staffed with addiction experts and masters-level clinicians trained to help clients learn how to live healthy, sober lifestyles.

Contact us today to address any further questions or concerns you have. We are here for you. 

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