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Drug Rehab for Boynton Beach Residents

At first, addiction was thought of as something that happens when someone makes poor decisions or lacks morals. However, this myth was quickly debunked when addiction science revealed addiction to be a mental disease that alters behavior and brain function. As with other mental illnesses, addiction needs to be professionally treated in order to manage the symptoms and prevent more substance abuse. At our drug rehab in South Florida, you can gain access to accredited treatment that uses evidence-based therapy and a holistic approach to treating each patient.

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report for 2016, over 48 million people living in the United States had abused prescription or illicit drugs. The staggering amount of people that misuse prescription drugs and try illicit drugs leads to millions of people becoming addicted due to personal risk factors that each person has with regards to addiction.

At an addiction treatment facility such as Legacy Healing Center’s drug rehab, people who abuse drugs that are no longer able to control their substance use and are plagued by the problems of addiction can find accredited treatment services that can help them properly overcome their substance use disorder. 

Where Can I Find Help?

If you are looking for a rehab that is able to help you or someone you care about with an addiction to drugs in the Boynton Beach or Palm Beach County area, then Legacy Healing Center’s Boynton Beach location can be an ideal treatment solution.

Our rehab can service anyone living in the Palm Beach County, FL, area. We also provide residential options to allow an addict to leave their life that is likely built around substance abuse and be placed into a therapeutic environment that is drug-free and supports healing. 

If you would like help for addiction near Boynton Beach, Florida, then do not hesitate to contact Legacy Healing Center today at (888) 534-2295 to find out what your addiction treatment options are.

What is Drug Rehab Like?

An effective drug rehab is about facilitating profound positive change in the life of an addicted person through the use of evidence-based treatment programs that include behavioral therapies, spirituality, healthy nutrition, fitness, and mentoring among other important elements of a whole-patient approach to addiction treatment. 

At our drug rehab, we have created a luxury setting for our addiction treatment services to be carried out in. This type environment combined with clinical drug treatment services can make drastic changes that are required of an addict much easier to go through. 

Drug addiction often causes many mental and physical health problems to manifest in several areas of the person’s life. It can also cause extensive problems within one’s family and friendships. These areas need to be addressed if the addict is to truly recover from an addiction and rebuild a healthy lifestyle. 

Our whole-patient approach to treatment at our drug rehab means that we not only treat an addiction and the problems that are common with the condition, but we also seek to help the recovering person to improve all of the important areas in their life that have been affected by the frequent abuse of a drug such as meth, cocaine, prescription opioids, heroin, or ecstasy. 

What to Expect

At our drug rehab you can expect to find treatment programs in both an outpatient and residential setting. Our luxury facility has many of the amenities that one would expect to find at a holiday resort in order to make your time with us as relaxing and healing-conducive as possible. 

You can expect to receive treatment for addiction that incorporates all of the best evidence-based treatment methods that have been scientifically proven to be effective. These programs include the use of medications in our medical detox program that helps with withdrawal symptoms, behavioral therapy such as family therapy, solution focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, and motivation enhancement therapy among others.

At our drug rehab you can expect to find varying treatment lengths in order to service the recovery needs of all types of patients, such as our 30-, 60-, and 90-day drug rehab programs. Once your program is complete, you can expect to take part in our sober community through the various planned alumni activities, and through other aftercare programs such as the 12-step program.

Why Legacy?

Legacy Healing Center is a rehab that can provide world-class care for people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. Thanks to our clinical services that are designed to be the ideal solution to specific substance addictions, we have received accreditation by the Joint Commission. In fact, the Joint Commission has awarded our drug rehab with the Gold Seal of Approval based on our outstanding clinical processes.

The staff at Legacy’s drug rehab have been meticulously chosen from across the United States; we chose practitioners that exhibited both talent in their field and a level of compassion that is important when helping an addict to recovery from an often-harrowing addiction experience. Our staff-to-patient ratio is very favorable, allowing us to provide a high level of individual care for each patient. 

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Boynton Beach

There are several popular attractions in the Palm Beach County, FL, area that one can visit that do not involve drugs or alcohol. In Boynton Beach, the popular beaches include the Seagate Beach, Oceanfront Park Beach, and the famous Lake Worth Beach.

At night, you might enjoy the delicious food on offer at top-rated restaurants such as Bonefish Grill, Chris’ Taverna, Mamma Mia, or Copenhagen Restaurant. 

Choose to start a new way of life that is free from the constant need to abuse drugs at our drug rehab. Contact Legacy Healing today at (888) 534-2295 for more information.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Caring for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Medical Detox Facility

Ladies and Gentlemen, Caring For Ladies and Gentlemen.

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