Better Sober: Enjoying Golf in Orlando Without Alcohol

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How to Enjoy Golf Without Alcohol and Why It’s Event Better That Way

Golf is a sport that has slowly but surely grown as a much-loved pastime to many people worldwide, especially in Orlando. Some people decide to try their hand at golf after they watch it on television. Over the years, famous golfers such as Tiger Woods have become household names and, as a result, inspired countless people to try the sport for themselves.

As a result, golf courses throughout the country have become a place of relaxation and enjoyment for many people. Golf course owners strive to make their courses warm, inviting, and fun by offering golfers a physical challenge and food and alcohol to better enjoy their time playing their favorite game.

When you’re beginning to work through your addiction treatment plan to address your alcoholism, you must make plans well ahead of time to visit a golf course. However, you can rest assured that you can still have a fantastic time playing golf without the influence of alcohol.

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Why Golf Is Better Sober

When you’re under the influence of alcohol, the simple fact is that you’re unable to do certain things accurately. Golfing can easily be added to that list. When it feels as though the world is spinning around you, it’s nearly impossible for you to be able to hit a tiny golf ball with any degree of precision. Making the decision to play as a sober person can improve your game and help you be present in the moment.

Go Golfing With a Sober Friend

The first few days, weeks, and months of your sobriety can, unquestionably, be challenging to manage. Even a person who has maintained their sobriety for years will admit that they may have felt a certain level of temptation.

If you feel as though there is a possibility you may give in to the craving for alcohol during a game of golf, that doesn’t mean that you have to cross around off your list of things to do. Instead, you can adjust your plans to include a sober friend or family member. Often, bringing along a sober companion can make the game more fun and help you to focus on interacting with the people around you instead of feeling consumed by your temptation to drink.

Enjoy These Golf Courses in Orlando

Would you like to test your skills on the golf course? Regardless of whether you’re new to the world of golfing or you’ve been playing for years, there are numerous golf courses in and around the Orlando area that you can try. Here are a couple of examples of the best golf courses in the area:

Dubsdread Golf Course

One of the top reasons why golfers decide to come to Dubsdread Golf Course is because it opens as early as 6:30 in the morning seven days a week and allows players to golf through the early evening. This course is known to feature only a fantastic and challenging course but a friendly staff that can help answer any of your questions regarding the course or set you up with a tee time.

549 W Par St, Orlando, FL 32804

MetroWest Golf Club

The MetroWest Golf Club is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Orlando area. The course is expansive, and on a bright and sunny day, golfers may feel as though they can see the entire span of Orlando. Different water traps make the course challenging for more experienced golfers. Although you can golf up until 8:30 at night, it’s recommended that you schedule a tee time in advance of your visit.

2100 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando, FL 32835

Ventura Country Club

Joining Ventura Country Club not only allows you to interact with new people but improve your skills on their perfectly manicured course. This location is open until 9 PM. If you decide not to grab a bite to eat at the country club, there are several places to eat in the area so you can enjoy a full day of golfing with your friends, followed by a delicious local meal.

3333 Woodgate Blvd, Orlando, FL 32822

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