About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to lay the foundation for anyone who enters our community to recover, address underlying issues and get on track to achieve a better life than they had ever dreamed possible.

South Florida Addiction & Drug Treatment

Legacy Healing Center is a comprehensive addiction treatment and behavioral health provider based on an individualized client-centered approach, designed to build hope, create a stable support network achieve long-term health and healing.

We know from personal experience that our holistic healing approach can help people to not only deal with addiction but to thrive in life, free from toxic substances and the lifestyle compromises that come with them.

Recovery from addiction is only the beginning of the journey to a better life.

Freedom is learning to live, so you’re “off the hook”, and you never have to pick up again.

Location and Facilities

We are located in Margate, Florida and welcome anyone from the local community or across the country to join us in pursuing their best life possible. We offer ongoing community-based activities in South Florida as well as extensive and strong regional support networks to help keep members of our community thriving in the long-term.

Our facilities are designed to make clients receiving treatment at any level feel at home. We believe that the success of our programs depends on giving our clients a safe place where they can relax and feel positive about themselves, their environment and the community around them. Our location includes comfortable accommodations and living spaces, recreational areas, treatment rooms and plenty of space for indoor and outdoor activities.

2960 N STATE ROAD 7 STE 102 MARGATE FL 33063